Super Turkey

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Mar 292014

Your school has a play they do every year called “Super Turkey”.  It is done right at Thanksgiving.  Your teacher tells me they have a hard time filling the lead role because it takes a very special person who is not shy and can do the role well.  The lead role requires walking through the audience and bobbing your head like a turkey.  Of course, that is in addition to the singing and acting.  I must tell you, I was a little concerned when I heard you were the lead.  I was so surprised you felt comfortable taking the role.  But, as usual, you are so excited about it.  In church you often have lead roles or solos.  You do very well at them.

I guess it mostly surprises me because dad and I are too shy to do that kind of thing.  Dad does sing in choir, but he doesn’t feel comfortable doing solos.  Now, in my car, I am an excellent singer.  I can hit all the beats, and sing loud, and all is good.  Unfortuantely, when I get out of the car something odd happens and I just don’t sound the same.

You are not someone who shows off for attention, or sings for attention.  You do it because you love it.  Music is something which makes you very happy.  You also take your roles, songs very seriously and give a lot of time and attention to making sure you do them well.  When you have a particular song you are learning, I will hear you playing your tapes over and over again to learn the words, beat, and even the little inflections in the voices.

You were a great Super Turkey.  Seriously, so many people could not take their eyes off of you as you walked through the audience.  Not just because you were so cute, but because you did such a great job of  having fun and acting out the role.  X


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