Laughing In Your Crib

 Posted by on March 29, 2014  Boys Will Be Boys, Special Memories
Mar 292014

You are the youngest, and have two older brothers.  You are 9 months old.  Your brothers love playing with you.  They get together and tease you and play games with you.  You kids laugh so much.  One of the funniest things they do is crawl under your crib and play a form of peek a boo with you.  You know where they are and you peer over your crib trying to find them.  Then they pop their heads out and say BOO.  You give a little ACK! and then start laughing pretty hard.  Of course, then they start laughing even harder.  Then they go back under the crib, they giggle and whisper and try to decide who will pop out next and where.  All the while, you walk back and forth in your crib looking down and try to figure out where they will pop out next.  You boys will literally do this for over an hour.  I hope you never lose sight of having fun with one another.  K