Nana Misses You Too

 Posted by on November 25, 2012  Precious Grandchildren, Special Memories
Nov 252012

Yesterday you asked me why I hadn’t “been around?”.  It broke my heart.  I could tell when I had come in the house you were upset with me.  You usually run to me with your little arms up in the air calling Nana Nana.  Tonight  I could tell you were upset.  You’re daddy and mommy have bought their first new home, and it is not close to where we live.  This is a very exciting time for your family.  Buying your first home is one of those steps in life which is a major milestone to feeling accomplished as a family.  It is more than a house, it is the beginning of the home and the place you and your family will play in, be together in, feel safe in, and share many wonderful times together in.  I have not been able to see you as much as I would like, and I miss you very much.  I held you tonight and told you how much I love you, I hope some day you will understand how truly precious you are to me.  We have a very special bond, and you will always hold a very special place in my heart.  I think about you and I can see your bright eyes light up.  I see that wonderful big smile of yours which actually does light up a room.  I think of how you tell me you love me and want to go to my house.  Often times you would say, “Go nana’s house, OK?”  As we packed your house today, you randomly walked past me several times and would say Nana, I love you.  I  don’t know if you knew something was going on (moving) or if you just felt like telling me or what was on your mind.  Even though we will be separated by some distance, I pray God will never let your little heart think I don’t want to see your precious little face, or hold you close.  I think about, and pray for you ever day.  I ask God to protect you, give you all that you need and bless your life.  Know always Nana loves you deeply and can’t wait until the next time she sees you.

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