Jul 122011

You went on a mission trip to California this year with the youth group at the church.  You were doing some repairs to a church out there.  You’re younger brother also went.  It was weird not having you boys here all week.  We prayed for you, and knew you would have a great time, and get a lot of opportunity to minister to others.  When y’all came back in town, the youth minister no more than got out of the van and told me you had “met the woman you were going to marry.”  He talked about the connection you two had.  How happy you were.  How you felt so comfortable and at home with her.  He told me, “I’m telling you, he is going to marry this girl.”  Odd thought considering you lived in Texas, and she lived in California.  You were only 14.  She was 13.  When daddy and I talked to you about this young lady, we could see you really cared about her.  This is the first girl you have had strong feelings for.  Long distance relationships are very hard.  Particularly at such a young age.  Who knows… if God has intended her for you, He will make it work..  ****** Next Entry *****  Today you found out the girlfriend you met in California will be moving to Austin, Texas.  Her father was transferred.  You are very happy about it!  Hrmmm… makes me wonder…is God placing her closer to you for you to build a life with her?  ****Next Entry****  Your girlfriend’s mom and I have been meeting 1/2 way between Dallas and Austin to drop you two off.  One of you will spend a weekend here, and then the next time you switch.  We can both see how much you care for one another.  I really never see you happier than when you are with her.  She brings something out in you that just makes you glow inside and out.  Everyone around you can see how much you love her.  **** FYI** * *  They are 24 and 25, married 3 years with a 2 year old daughter.  🙂  L

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