Dressing Up

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Apr 272014

You are the only one of the 3 boys who really likes to dress up.  It’s funny.  When you were little, you loved wearing your dad’s and brother’s t shirts.  It was always so hard to get you into regular clothes which were your size.  When you were around 7 you really began to care about how you looked.  You would always want your hair done just perfectly, and depending on what you were doing, you would pick out certain clothes to fit the occassion.  Later you enjoyed not only dressing nicely, but you actually enjoy wearing suits sometimes when the occassion calls for it.  You look so handsome.  You really enjoy going all out, nice cologne, just the right jewelry.  In addition to how handsome you are, you have such a kind, loving spirit.  You radiate such a beautiful smile.  I love that you also feel comfortable in jeans and a t shirt most of the time as well.   As you get older, remember to dress up every now and again when you really want to just feel good about yourself.  Not because dressing up is important, but  because it is something you really like to do.    K

Laughing In Your Crib

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Mar 292014

You are the youngest, and have two older brothers.  You are 9 months old.  Your brothers love playing with you.  They get together and tease you and play games with you.  You kids laugh so much.  One of the funniest things they do is crawl under your crib and play a form of peek a boo with you.  You know where they are and you peer over your crib trying to find them.  Then they pop their heads out and say BOO.  You give a little ACK! and then start laughing pretty hard.  Of course, then they start laughing even harder.  Then they go back under the crib, they giggle and whisper and try to decide who will pop out next and where.  All the while, you walk back and forth in your crib looking down and try to figure out where they will pop out next.  You boys will literally do this for over an hour.  I hope you never lose sight of having fun with one another.  K

Black Lab Puppy

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Mar 262014

Well ’96 is over.  There are many reasons I am thankful.  The boys are getting so big.  They got a black lab puppy for Christmas.  His name is Shadow.  You have taken a primary role in making sure Shadow is taken care of.  You takes him out, feed him, wake up with him in the night.  You are really doing well with him.  I woke up one morning explaining to you Shadow needed to be taken out real quick.  You looked at me very frustrated and informed me I just did’t know what it was like.  Waking up all night, making sure the dog had eaten, playing when Shadow wanted to play, watching him to make sure he didn’t chew stuff.   Yeah, right, I had 3 babies, but I have no idea how hard it is to take care of a puppy.  That was funny.  L

The Shark

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Mar 032014

Nan often takes the family to Gulf Shores for a week in the summer.  We have come several times.  The beach here is clean, white sands, and not very crowded.  We always get a house right on the beach.  You kids run around and have always have so much fun.  At night you run around catching crabs and bring them back in buckets.   Tonight there was quite a rukus when you came in from gathering crabs.  The boys had also been doing some fishing.  Apparently while you were in the water you caught a shark.  It’s a small shark, but none the less.  Who else would catch themselves a small shark?  Only you.  Then to top things off, you actually brought the shark up to the house.  So funny.  You are so proud of your little shark.  Funny thing is, I don’t know what you want to do with it now.  You are trying to talk your dad into letting you keep it in a bucket tonight.  Let’s see if you can talk him into it.

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Pinata Birthday Party

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Mar 032014

It is your 6th birthday.  We had a party for you, and you had a pinata.  Each person took a turn and went before you.  No one broke the pinata though.  Then came your turn!  You broke the pinata with one hit.  The candy went everywhere and all the kids ran to pick up what they could.  It was tons of fun.  We came back to our house and had your cake and you opened presents.  Later everyone got to swim and hang out.  It was a good birthday.  X

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Camping (10/97)

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Mar 032014

Last weekend we all went camping.  It was so pretty.  The night sky was incredible.  We turned all the lights out and stared at the stars for a long time.  There were so many stars.  It makes you realize how small you are in this universe and all that God created.  How amazing is He?  Thre is so much beauty in the natural world, but we spend so much time with all the stuff.  You kids had a fabulous time and it was actually your first camping trip.  You are 6 yrs old.  You looked so mousey most of the trip.  You had on a  long t shirt that had Bugs Bunny holding a fish on it.  You love that shirt because of the catfish you caught not to long ago.  You were wearing long shorts and you had black shoes with no socks.  You were explaining to everyone you only wear your old shoes because there might be some mud.  HAHAHA.  Of course, you fished, the whole time.  Sometimes alone.  You just sit there content and fishing.  Whne we left one of our friends said goodbye to the great fisherman.  You loved that.  Your brothers spent most of their time shooting guns.  It was a good trip.  K

1996 All About the Author

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Mar 032014

You wrote a book in school this week.  You are 7 years old.  In your book, you wrote All About the Author.  It says when you were born and where you grew up.  Then you say you wish to be an athlete or sing.  You have played soccer and is playing basketball.  You practice singing and different sports.  When you are not singing or practicing sports, you like to play video games, watch movies, or ride bikes outside.  The drawings in your book are very interesting as several of them have this little logo type thing you put on a lot of stuff.  There is a peace sign, a heart, a sun, and a smiley face.  You draw this logo, for lack of a better word, on a lot of things.  The peace sign is always first.  It usually has a blue background. the heart is next, and is generally colored a dark pink or light red.  You swap the sun and the smiley face in and out.  Somewhere on your pictures, if there is a person drawn, they are almost always saying “love”.  These symbols are so true to your personality.  You are a loving, happy person.  I hope you never lose that.  X

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May 282013

There are many difficult things about being a mom.  One of them is when you come to the understanding your child doesn’t know how beautiful and amazing they really are.  This world is so good at telling us we are not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough.  Fill in the blank.  Not enough of whatever it is we think we need to be enough of.  I wish I had the words to help you understand it’s all a lie.  When your eyes light up, you are enough to fill a room with happiness.  When you laugh, fill a room with cheer.  When you are excited about the lizard you found, the A on your paper or the new invention you figured out, it’s enough to make me feel energized by your passion.  When I see you help someone who needs help, and you do it so effortlessly, without thinking, just because that is the heart you have, it is enough to make me believe the world has so much good in it, and through your love so many people will receive a love not many people give.  When you lay next to me and I play with your hair, it is enough to satisfy me the world has such beauty in it.  When you work hard at something, whether you learn it or not, it is enough to show me the bigger picture which is that you will be ok because you are not afraid to try,  and although your goals may readjust along the way, you will reach them.  When I see you play with younger kids, it is enough to show me a gentleness inside of you that tells me you are going to be a great father filled with love and compassion for your children.  When you talk to me about different things going on, it is enough to show me you really care about the people in your life, and you are thinking seriously about where you life will go from here.  When I see joy in you, it is enough to remind me life is good. When I see you express your talent, it is enough to make me thankful you have something you enjoy which comes straight from you.   When I geta  hug from you, it is enough to remind me there is a deep love that binds us.  When I see you work hard, it is enough to show me you have a drive in you which will help you in so many different ways to make it through life.  When I see you struggle and not give up, it is enough to show me you know it is worth it and keep fighting for the things you want.  When you crack your silly jokes, it enough to remind me of how goofy you can be.  When you show love, it is enough to show me you are tender hearted.  When you are hurt, it is enough to show me how much you care.  When your little face looks at me, it is enough to make my heart melt because you have such beautiful eyes, nose, mouth, face, body, hands, legs.  You truly are beautiful to see.  You are loving, caring, sweet, tender, passionate, smart, serious, driven, funny, beautiful, and those are only the top 10.  There is so much in you which is absolutely amazing.  You have experiences and knowledge which is uniquely yours.  You are truly beautiful in your heart and your mind.  Don’t be afraid to show who you are.  Don’t let anyone or anything take from you all the beauty and amazing traits you have.  Don’t think you have to do or be something you are not.  Be true to yourself and all those wonderful things I have seen, and know are in you.   Trust all the amazing things aobut you will be seen and appreciated by the people who really love you.  Never forget, even when you feel your lowest, you are worth more than diamonds or gold, more precious than anything a person could desire.  You have everything you need to be exactly who you are supposed to be.  You are a strong young man, special son and great brother.  You have everything you need to be a loving husband and an awesome dad.  When the world tells you, you are not enough, remind the world you might have some work to do to strengthen your skills, but you are more than enough.  You are more than it can offer.  You were wonderfully made.  Son, you are absolutely beautiful and you have an amazing personality and heart.

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Your New “Trick”

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Sep 092012

You have recently started riding your BMX bike much like your older brother.  He has enjoyed riding for years now, and particularly enjoys doing all kinds of tricks on his bike.  He has practiced quite a bit the past few years, and he is really good at doing all kinds of jumps and flips.  Although you are new at this, today you decided to try a new trick, and when dad and I got home you could not wait to show it to us.  We got home and you came running up, telling us you were getting “so good” on your bike, and had “made up” a trick today all by yourself.  🙂  When we asked you what it was, we looked at each other in surprise and horror, trying to figure out how we would explain to you it is great you are trying new things, but this was probably not a good idea.  Your explanation of the trick was that you close your eyes as you ride your bike, and then take your hands off the handle bars!  I asked you where you had tried this trick, and you very matter of factly told me, in the street.  In the street??  WIth your eyes closed??? OH MY…  we do want you exploring, and like the idea you are adventurous.  We just need to work with you a little on thinking through some of your wonderful ideas.   K

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You Paid For It With What?????

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Oct 232011

Today your school had a book fair.  You had asked for a book, but we had so much going on this morning, I forgot to send money with you.  Funny thing is, I received a call today from your school librarian.  She was telling me you had paid for some books with something interesting.  I thought she was going to tell me a cute story about how you gave her a toy, or something you thought was valuable, but was not.  But noooooo.  That’s not what happened.  Somehow my little 5 year old son understood there was value to something special, and had used it to pay for the book.  We are in the midst of cleaning up some of pop’s estate.  He had collected $20 Mexican Gold Pieces.  There were 6 of them.  Apparently, you found them, and thought they were nice and shiny, and resembled money!  You paid for a book which was just over a dollar with one of the coins.  I could hardly believe what the librarian was telling me!  Of course, that immediately made me wonder how many of the coins you had.  After further investigation, I found out you had taken all 6 of the coins to school with you.  You had given the other 5 out to friends of yours.  Now, the teacher had been told what was going on, and she had collected all the coins but one from the friends you had given them to.  One of the boys went home with his coin, and we later retrieved it from his dad.  Note to self:  Keep valuable items in safe places and away from your 5 year old son!  K

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