The Big Fish

 Posted by on June 29, 2011  Boys Will Be Boys, Daddy
Jun 292011

Today all the boys went to a friend’s place to go fishing.  You did not have a fishing pole, so daddy stopped to get you one.  He got you a Zebco.  It was a real cute fishing pole, made for a child.  When you got home tonight, you ran in the house and asked me to come look at the fish you caught.  I expected to see a little fish about as big as your hand.  Not so.  I was shocked.  You caught a fish almost as big as you are!  You are just a little boy and you caught this huge catfish.  It’s at least 3/4 the size of your body from head to tail.  The funniest part is, you are being very serious about this fish.  Most little boys your age would probably catch it, be happy about it, and playful.  Not you.  Yes, you are happy about it.  But you are also telling me about it in a very matter of fact way.  We took you out to take a picture of it, and you have this little look on your face which says “yeah, this is my fish, and I caught it”.  You have told me several times how you caught the fish yourself and only had “a little help”.  I really don’t know how you were able to reel it in.  I guess I need to ask your dad about that.  I bet you will be a fisherman for life now. 



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