Caring for the Elderly

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Jun 292011

1 Timothy 5:4

 “Their first responsibility is to show godliness at home and repay their parents by taking care of them.  This is something that pleases God very much.”

 A great respect I have for my husband, Joe, is the way he cared for his mother, Nan, during her illness until she passed.

 When Nan first became ill, Joe was running a courier service which flourished its first year.  The business was doing well and growing at an amazing pace.  We had become comfortable in the businesses we were running, and had settled into a nice lifestyle. 

 Months later, it became clear that Joe’s mother was having strokes and becoming increasingly unable to care for herself.  She moved in with Joe’s sister (across the street), but there was no one who could care for her during the day. 

 Joe wanted the opportunity to care for her.  We knew from experience God blesses you when you are obedient, and although we were concerned to be without that stream of income, we knew God would take care of us and reminded ourselves of how He had been blessing us. 

During Nan’s illness, Joe would pick her up every morning, tend to her, and take her home in the evening.  They would run errands together, watch TV, cook, play with the kids and who knows what else during the day.  In Nan’s last weeks, she was unable to walk.  Joe woudl go to get her and he would carry her in his arms across the street to our house.  She could not eat, so he would make her strawberry milkshakes all day!  He would dress and clean her.  In the evening he would carry her home again.

The night Nan went home to the Lord, Joe said, “no regrets.”  His heart was at peace and he knew he had done not only what he needed to do, but God had blessed him with the opportunity to serve his mother in a very real way.

 Joe took care of his mother as the Lord wanted him to do, and gained more than the financial benefit could have ever given him.  All the while God took care of our needs and blessed our other businesses.   

When we trust God and do what pleases Him, he blesses us in amazing ways.


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