Dressing Up

 Posted by on April 27, 2014  Boys Will Be Boys
Apr 272014

You are the only one of the 3 boys who really likes to dress up.  It’s funny.  When you were little, you loved wearing your dad’s and brother’s t shirts.  It was always so hard to get you into regular clothes which were your size.  When you were around 7 you really began to care about how you looked.  You would always want your hair done just perfectly, and depending on what you were doing, you would pick out certain clothes to fit the occassion.  Later you enjoyed not only dressing nicely, but you actually enjoy wearing suits sometimes when the occassion calls for it.  You look so handsome.  You really enjoy going all out, nice cologne, just the right jewelry.  In addition to how handsome you are, you have such a kind, loving spirit.  You radiate such a beautiful smile.  I love that you also feel comfortable in jeans and a t shirt most of the time as well.   As you get older, remember to dress up every now and again when you really want to just feel good about yourself.  Not because dressing up is important, but  because it is something you really like to do.    K


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  1. Hahahahaha, that’s crazy- it started at seven!

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